Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth

Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth – Really Works Wonders

Prenatal vitamins for hair growth work wonders when chosen prudently. There is a presumption that there exists an affirmative correlation between prenatal vitamins and hair growth. This prominent belief that exists among many is approved and confirmed by various scientific studies and evidence. Prenatal vitamins are generally health supplements that contain the vital ingredients specially formulated for a woman who is pregnant. It nourishes by providing the essential nutrients like iron, calcium and folic acid for the mothers- to- be and their babies.

These prenatal vitamins rich in calcium, iron and folic acid are prescribed for pregnant women to meet their specialized needs. Folic acid prevents birth defects like spina bifida. Calcium is very essential for strengthening their bones. Liberal quantities of iron supplement is important as it enables the body to produce new blood required to carry nutrients and oxygen to the baby in the mother’s womb.

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prenatal vitamins for hair growth

Prenatal vitamins hair growth contain vitamin A, B6 B12, C, D, E , calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin and zinc in abundance. These vitamins and minerals promote healthy hair growth. Various studies and researches have proved that the folate present in the prenatal vitamins stimulate hair growth and even regenerates certain cells in the scalp that have dried up long back . The presence of vitamin B in folate nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth. Besides providing the nourishment for the growth of the baby in the mother’s womb it also nourishes the cells in your scalp and makes your hair thicker and shinier than before. The calcium contained in it facilitates growth of healthy hair and in sustaining nourishing scalp and hair follicles. Iron assists the body to manufacture new blood that will carry essential nutrients and oxygen to the scalp. This is essential for maintaining a healthy and dandruff free scalp. The reason why prenatal vitamins for hair growth are opted for by women who are not pregnant is that they strongly believe that it has substantial effects on their hair growth.

It is also observed that prenatal vitamins for hair growth has an optimistic effect on the estrogen level in the body thereby protecting hair loss. Quite alarmingly the use of these vitamins for hair growth is fairly widespread as more and more victims of hair loss are opting for it to regrow their hair. As it is believed that folic acid generates formation of new cells and stimulates hair growth most of the hair care products contain this vital component. Calcium is also considered favorable for abundant hair growth as it is effective for maintaining a healthy scalp.

Estrogen produced in sufficient quantities in pregnant women also attribute to good hair growth. It is rightly believed that high levels of estrogen secreted creates a congenial environment for hair growth. Moreover specialists strongly believe that the hormones secreted during pregnancy boosts faster and fuller hair growth.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in women who are not pregnant in taking prenatal vitamins as they have the same components as multivitamins. The only exception is that prenatal vitamins contain liberal and abundant quantities of folic acid. There is no doubt that  there is an overwhelming response from women when it comes to the benefits of using prenatal vitamins for improved hair growth.

Intake of prenatal vitamins for hair growth has not been proved to cause any serious side effects as they do not contain any hormones or other such substances. If you want to enjoy the advantages of prenatal vitamins associated with hair growth it is best to take the advice of your doctor and take suitable dosages.
Prenatal vitamins are literally vitamins to be incorporated during pregnancy. These vitamins are available in tablets,  gel capsules and as syrups. Taking into consideration the various benefits offered by these vitamins women who are not pregnant also can  opt for any of these forms after consulting the doctor.

Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth – Closing Remarks

Though it is great to have beautiful and lustrous hair one should consider the other benefits of taking this prenatal vitamin supplement. This should be taken as per the directions of your doctor to ensure that your baby is born with the best of health. A well balanced and healthy diet coupled with prescribed quantities of prenatal vitamins for hair growth assures a healthy baby and mom with bouncing, healthy hair.

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